Movie review moh maya money

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Munish Bhardwaj’s “Moh Maya Money” (roughly translated as Greed, Illusion, and Money) is a taut thriller about a seemingly low-risk corrupt deal that goes horribly wrong. Ranvir Shorey plays Aman, an executive at a real estate firm who wants to get rich quick and fast. He cheats the company and tries to build his dream home with his ill-gotten wealth. The movie was made much before the government’s shock move to scrap 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes to fight corruption, tax evasion and militant financing, but the suitcase full of money Aman uses to pay for a plot of land drives home the point about the pervasiveness of “black” money in India.

When Aman finds himself in trouble over his shady dealings, he concocts a plan to try and get himself out of his mess and asks his high-flying journalist wife Divya (Neha Dhupia) for help. Divya has secrets of her own and Bhardwaj makes sure they are not revealed too soon. The narrative shifts from Aman’s point of view to Divya’s point of view, giving us varied versions of the same events. This narrative style works wonderfully for the film – up to a point.

Bhardwaj’s story, just like Aman’s plan, seems to spiral out of control after a while and his actors seem to lose interest in their role. There are contrivances galore, like Divya meeting the wife of the man Aman has wronged, and the movie hurtles towards its rather predictable climax.

Of the cast, Ranvir Shorey seems a little too dramatic and wide-eyed, a departure from his otherwise subtle style of acting. Dhupia seems as uninterested in the film as her character is in Aman’s shady deals, which takes away from the urgency of the plot. The subject of the film is timely and there is a good idea in there somewhere. Unfortunately, just like the India’s demonetisation drive, proper implementation is what’s sorely missing in this endeavour.